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Augur Solves Real-World Threat Intel Problems

Explore our Use Cases to see how Augur’s breakthrough approach to threat intelligence solves many of the biggest challenges facing today’s SOC teams. In these cases you’ll find real-world examples of how Augur’s predictive modeling and enforcement automation provide better data, sooner - making it more actionable and streamlining SOC workflow.

Alert Overload


Our client in the energy industry had a 20 person SOC team. Even so, they could not keep up with the stream of noisy security alerts.


Augur solved their alert overload by prioritizing incidents and automating the blocking of IOCs.


  • Identified 3,000+ threat actor profiles targeting the organization 

  • Prioritized incidents and reduced alerts by 70% 

  • Increased operational efficiency of the Incident Response Team by 50%

High Cost of Threat Intel


Our client’s SOC in the oil and gas industry was sifting through high number of alerts and false positives because of noisy threat intel from other TIPs - increasing risk of missing important alerts.


Our client benchmarked Augur vs. other incumbent TIPs and threat intel sources and found it provided the best accuracy, coverage, and value. And because Augur produces organization-specific threat intelligence it reduces volume of alerts.


  • Augur is now the sole threat intelligence platform integrated into client's SIEM

  • Licensing costs were reduced by 60% and allowed the client to streamline their SOC



Our client in the financial industry needed to add threat prediction and contextualization to their MSSP because their security team had no time for threat hunting and investigation.


Our client's MSSP integrated Augur to their SIEM and firewall allowing for predictive identification of threats and proactive blocking with high accuracy and zero intervention.


  • Augur improved overall security performance and decreased risk

  • Cost was less than 50% of hiring an internal threat hunting team

Here’s What Folks Using Augur Say About Augur

SecLytics got it right. This is how threat prediction and automated prevention should be done.

John Shaffer

CISO, Greenhill Co.