Augur Threat Investigation Dashboard

Arm Your Threat Hunters with Augur TID

Threat Hunters are the apex predator of the SOC team. Their job is to proactively identify and mitigate potential security threats lurking in your network and systems. To do their job, they need access to timely, accurate threat data supported by context and in-depth enrichment. They need the Augur Threat Investigation Dashboard. 

With access to rich threat intel sources (including our unique predictive threat intel), attribution analysis, context and enrichment data, malware samples, dark web data and powerful search and visualization tools, Augur TID provides analysts with powerful, streamlined and unified threat hunting platform. 

Augur TID platform helps your SOC team identify, understand and mitigate risk to your network from existing and emerging threats. Augur’s dashboard is a high value tool for:

  • Analysts
  • Researchers
  • Threat Hunters

Who is Augur TID For?

Better Visibility Means Better Protection

Augur aggregates threat data from more than 120 leading threat data sources and combines it with our unique proprietary predictive data and your own internal data to provide a uniquely complete and customized view on your threat environment.

To make its predictions, Augur crunches more than 8 TB of threat data a day, correlating it with more than 104 TB of historical data and your internal data to produce highly relevant and accurate attack predictions. 

With Augur, there’s no need to pay for multiple, overlapping threat feeds – you’re covered.

Empower Your Analysts

Augur puts valuable context and enrichment data at your analysts’ fingertips in a powerful and intuitive interface.

Our threat-hunting dashboard includes IOC data, global BGP, DNS history, malware sandbox analysis, WHOIS data, activity in your network, and much more.

The dashboard also correlates and links all this with Augur’s unique threat actor profile data. Augur’s threat profiles go beyond APT-level attribution to help you understand where threats are coming from and who is behind them.

How Does Predictive Threat Intelligence Work

Augur scours the internet daily analyzing changes in the IP space (IPv4 and IPv6), domain name registrations, DNS resolution, and BGP announcements. Then leveraging supervised and unsupervised learning Augur generates potential cyber criminal profiles and labels these profiles. 

In the unsupervised learning phase, Augur generates profiles and assigns them to potential cyber criminal and threat actor groups. During the supervised learning phase, Augur labels the generated profiles and labels them with a predicted threat category.

Augur’s predictive threat infrastructure intelligence is unique in the world of cybersecurity and provides a high-value first line of defense.

400k Predictions Confirmed Each Year

Novel Attack Protection

Augur is your best early warning system and your insurance policy against novel threats.

Our smart behavioral prediction models identify and group threat actors based on patterns of activity. The platform can then predict novel attacks up to 50 days out. At the time of prediction, these predictions are often +-90% unique compared to other leading threat data sources. 

Recently, Augur predicted major elements of the Solar Winds, Log4JShell, Colonial Pipeline and ProxyNotShell hacks months ahead of first reports.

Threat Actor Attribution

Augur’s threat actor attribution capabilities are another key resource for threat hunters and researchers. When Augur makes a prediction that infrastructure will be malicious, it also studies the TTPs used in setting up that infrastructure. It is able to attribute it to threat actor groups with high accuracy. This data is available days, weeks, and months ahead of actual attacks. It allows researchers to correlate actual attacks with predictions to develop a more complete picture of what cybercriminal groups are targeting their organization. 

Augur Integrates with Major Platforms

Augur has seamless integrations with most major platforms and our tried and tested API makes it quick and easy to integrate with new platforms.

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Here’s What Folks Using Augur Say About Augur

SecLytics got it right. This is how threat prediction and automated prevention should be done.

John Shaffer

CISO, Greenhill Co.

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