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Augur Platform Integrations

SecLytics Augur provides fast, easy and reliable integrations with many of the most important platforms including Cisco, Palo Alto Networks, Fortinet, Splunk, and QRadar that allow Augur’s powerful automation features to manage updates to your security posture. And we are adding new integrations monthly.

We Integrate With Most Leading SIEMS and Security Platforms

Augur for the Zscaler Cloud Security Platform integrates highly accurate and actionable attack predictions directly into the Zscaler platform taking your cloud security to the next level.

The Augur integration for Palo Alto Networks firewall adds the power of advanced predictive protection to your PAN firewall. Augur integrates seamlessly to automate enforcement and improve cyber-resilience.

The Augur Predictive Threat Intelligence Platform integrates seamlessly with the ArcSight SIEM to bring new levels of threat intel, reporting, and enforcement automation - re-setting the bar for what you should expect from TIP / SIEM integrations.

Augur for the QRadar SIEM provides enhanced protection through its unique predictive threat intelligence and enforcement automation - redefining what you should expect from your threat intelligence providers.

Adding the power of Augur predictive threat intelligence to your SumoLogic SIEM enhances overall threat protection and improves operational efficiency by reducing alert overload.

SecLytics Augur offers integrations for Cisco AMP, Cisco Firepower, and Cisco ESA providing fast, easy access to Augur’s powerful and unique predictive threat intelligence, as well as general IP, URL, or hash-based threat intelligence for enforcement. 

Augur for Broadcom provides a simple to deploy integration to add the power of predictive threat intelligence and automated enforcement to Broadcom’s ProxySG service.

Add advanced predictive protection to your Carbon Black Endpoint Protection with SecLytics Augur. Augur integrates seamlessly with Carbon Black to automate threat blocking and improve cyber-resilience.

SecLytics Augur brings the power of advanced predictive protection to your Fortinet firewall. Augur integrates quickly and seamlessly with Fortinet to automate threat blocking and improve cyber-resilience.

Augur’s integration for the Splunk SIEM is quick to configure and seamlessly provides access to Augur’s advanced predictive intelligence which identifies probable attackers up to 51 days before they attack.

Augur for NetFlow allows for a seamless blending of Augur’s predictive threat intelligence with NetFlow’s network monitoring service to enhance threat detection and overall security performance.

Need A New Integration? We Got You Covered

Leveraging our tried and tested REST API, our team of integration developers can quickly and cost-effectively build new integrations into virtually any documented system. Let us know what you need.