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Augur Predictive Threat Intelligence

Protect against emerging threats before they launch attacks. Not after it’s already too late.

Your First Line of Defense

Your mission is to provide the best cyber defense possible. Whether you’re an industry-leading SOC or a small IT team, Augur’s AI-powered predictive threat intelligence is a must-have. Without it, even with every platform and conventional threat data source, you’re still wide open to every emerging threat, novel attack and zero-day exploit that comes along.

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Using AI to Stay Ahead of the Bad Guys

Augur’s predictive threat intelligence engine scours the internet daily to detect the buildup of cybercriminal infrastructure, allowing you to proactively block these threat vectors long before attacks are launched. Augur intel is delivered via API and slots quickly and seamlessly into your cyber defense infrastructure to work with your existing systems to provide a high-value first line of Defense against emerging threats.

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Threat Data Products

High-value, low-cost traditional threat intel via our normalized feed of more than 120 data sources. Plus, malware samples and dark web data

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PDR Platform

Advanced enforcement automation, orchestration, and enrichment tools to improve protection and streamline SOC operations.

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Threat Investigation Dashboard

Give your threat hunters and analysts the tools they need to act rather than just react. Augur TID provides access to the data, enrichment, and context your team needs to succeed.

Predicting and Protecting with Augur

Augur Integrates with Major Platforms

Augur has seamless integrations with most major platforms and our tried and tested API makes it quick and easy to integrate with new platforms.

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Here’s What Folks Using Augur Say About Augur

SecLytics got it right. This is how threat prediction and automated prevention should be done.

John Shaffer

CISO, Greenhill Co.

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