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Who is SecLytics

San Diego-based SecLytics uses advanced behavioral profiling and machine learning to power the only PDR on the market. SecLytics founders hail from a who’s who of tech and cybersecurity giants and came together with one key idea - there had to be a better way to protect networks and shut out cybercriminals. 

Augur Looks Into The Future To Protect You Today

 The Augur engine hunts adversaries in the wild during the setup stage, generating attack predictions on average 51+ days before they strike. Those predictions have been proven to be over 97% accurate and generate fewer than 0.01% false positives. Augur’s patent-pending technology can even tell an organization who specifically targets them in under 72 hours.  

With partners and customers in North America, EMEA and Japan, SecLytics can play a vital role in your overall cybersecurity strategy, improving your security posture, streamlining threat response, reducing SOC costs and keeping your networks safe from the bad guys.

Leadership Team

Seclytics Leadership Team

Saeed Abu-Nimeh

Co-Founder, CEO
Saeed is one of the leading thinkers on the intersection between machine learning and cybersecurity. Prior to founding SecLytics, he held the position of Distinguished Scientist at PayPal. Before that, he was Senior Scientist at Damballa and a Security Researcher at Websense. He holds a Ph.D. from Southern Methodist University and a Postdoc from Carnegie Mellon. Saeed has co-authored more than 19 papers and books on the applications of machine learning to cybersecurity.
Fun fact: When Saeed isn’t busy predicting cyberattacks, he patrols the soccer pitch as a crafty right winger with a nose for goal.
Seclytics Leadership Team

Bowei Chi

Head of Engineering
Bowei is a leader with a keen eye for technical adaptation. Trained in the dotcom era trenches, Bowei is a UC San Diego Alumnus with tons of development experience at places like Napster, and Forcepoint’s cybersecurity R&D Lab. He is one of those rare developers who has the capability to engage with clients to bring a new perspective for the engineering process. Since joining the team in 2019, Bowei has taken on several key roles in technical development, and now brings all that experience to leading the team.
Fun Fact: When he’s not plugged-in for work, Bowei loves going 4-wheeling off-grid with his family. He also likes to escape the everyday by meditating on the simulation hypothesis.
Seclytics Leadership Team

Ken McMurdo

Chief Revenue Officer
Ken is a natural born closer with 20 years experience in enterprise technology sales and channel development. He is a veteran sales leader having helped many start-ups establish themselves in new markets and specializes in building strong, profitable and enduring channel partnerships.
Fun fact: In his spare time, Ken golfs and travels. But his real passion is coaching grammar school basketball and passing on his love for the game.
Seclytics Leadership Team

Rolf O'Grady

VP of Customer Success
Rolf has spent most of his career helping solve customer challenges with emerging and existing technologies. His experience working for startups and well established companies has been critical in learning how to build and lead teams that have touched customers and partners around the globe and in most industry verticals.
Fun fact: In his spare time you will find Rolf either playing golf, or sailing on the San Francisco Bay with his lovely wife.

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