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New threats, new adversaries – new technologies to defend against those threats. The modern cybersecurity landscape seems to be complexifying exponentially, month after month. What everyone needs is a solution that reduces complexity while boosting capabilities. Augur PDR puts the power of predictive threat intelligence to work for you in a platform that will improve your security posture and streamline SOC operations. 

Predictive Detection and Response

The “p” in PDR is what makes Augur unique. The platform’s predictive threat intelligence detects the buildup of cybercriminal infrastructure allowing you to proactively block these threat vectors long before attacks are launched. Augur also correlates this data with 120 other external threat data sources and your own internal log data to provide unparalleled threat visibility. But Augur is much more than unique threat intel. Augur provides TIP, SIEM, and SOAR functionalities that, in combination with predictive intelligence, will become your SOC’s early warning system and its operational backbone. Not ready for a security revolution? Augur can also slot into your cyber-defense infrastructure to work with your existing systems to provide valuable extended coverage via our predictive intelligence.

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Predictive Threat

Augur scours the internet for early warning signs that cybercriminals are setting up new attack infrastructure providing a unique first line of defense. Learn more

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Less Noise. Better

Powered by predictive intelligence, Augur correlates and analyzes internal and external data, and leverages this data to automate threat enforcement. Learn more

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Cover More Threats with Fewer Analysts

Augur curates and escalates threat intel for your IR team to allow them to research and conduct enforcement directly via the platform. Learn more

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Radically Simplify

Augur lets you orchestrate enforcement across your whole security stack from a single pane of glass.
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Predicting and Protecting with Augur

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What is PDR?

Augur’s predictive intelligence is a key capability that sets us apart. Here are 5 factors that define PDR: 

  • Centralizes/aggregates and normalizes data from multiple security products across the threat surface. Augur does that! 
  • Correlates, prioritizes, and provides context and enrichment for security data and alerts. Yup. Augur does that! 
  • Adds a layer of intelligent analysis to the data rather than just pushing massive volumes of raw threat alerts. Augur does that too!
  • Provides a centralized response capability that can implement actions and change security policies. Augur definitely does that! 
  • Simplifies and unifies security technologies to make the whole greater than the sum of its parts. Augur also does that!

Augur Integrates with Major Platforms

Augur has seamless integrations with most major platforms and our tried and tested API makes it quick and easy to integrate with new platforms.

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Here’s What Folks Using Augur Say About Augur

SecLytics got it right. This is how threat prediction and automated prevention should be done.

John Shaffer

CISO, Greenhill Co.

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